about Chris

Chris Stephenson 3b

For twelve years I’ve been lucky enough to create and deliver media strategy and planning for some pretty awesome brands in some pretty awesome places; PHD London, Vizeum UK, PHD Australia and now Singapore where I’m the APAC Head of Strategy and Planning for PHD.

I believe that considered and creative media thinking adds value to consumers, brands and businesses; that a brand’s most valuable consumers are its existing customers; that reach is only an objective if you know what you’re trying to do with it, and that hope – whilst important – is not a strategy.


at Mumbrella360 in 2014 I had about the most fun that a boy can wish for when I had to step in for Kyle Sandilands and host PHD’s Nextival L!ve … a panel quiz show with some of Australia’s greatest and brightest minds – in which we explored the far (far) future of media and communications.


in 2013 I chaired a session at Mumbrella360 on Gamification in which we discussed the opportunities for brands to gamify campaigns and engagement platforms (and yup they are limited edition Adidas Skywalkers).


I followed-up this session by Hanging out with Tim Burrowes and Mark Holden (from London) to talk in more depth about gamification.

Source is PHD’s Operating Software. I spoke to Tim at Mumbrella when we launched it at the end of 2012.

talking on the Mumbrella couch about our book 2016 and the future of agencies

PHD followed up Manifesto with Change One Thing initiative at Mumbrella360 in 2012 … we decided to change our industry’s attitude to, and  appreciation of, bravery – which is why every year there is now a Mumbrella Award for just that!

as part of the first Mumbrella360 in 2011 I worked with the media industry in Australia to write a Media Manifesto, which I introduced on the Mumbrellacast

I’m a graduate of the UK’s IPA Excellence Diploma, my essay promoting the value of existing customers was one of six (and the only from a media planner) to be published in Campaign magazine. you can view all my thinking for that project here, and below are a two parts of a video I put together for the first module.

all the opinions expressed on this blog are my own and do not reflect the position or policy of PHD or any previous employer #justsaying

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