I’m back on the grid, and have returned with a little video diary from my first few weeks in Sydney

hey there.  so I've been quiet for a few weeks but I'm back on the grid and up and running in glorious Sydney.  the little video above gives an idea of what I've been up to.  having a blast mainly.  I've also been getting ready to start my new job at PHD Australia tomorrow.  looking forward to it and to negotiating the future of media and brand communications in a different market…

what's clear is that whilst a great deal is different – be it TV trading or the subtleties of a people's expectations and behaviours in a different society and culture – much remains the same.  the Australian media market is facing similar challenges to those being tackled by media industries elsewhere.  digitisation, in-control and on-demand people (we've banned the word 'consumers' remember), and the migration of advertising dollars online are impacting media infrastructures here as they are elsewhere.  I'm looking forward to the challenge.

I also hope you like the new-look blog.  muich remains the same but I've added a central column which now largely houses news, comment and debate from elsewhere – from the latest media news headlines to recent posts from some of my favourite blogs.  I always love to get feedback so any thoughts are very welcome.

thanks for reading, its good to be back.

Chris x

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Due South: why Mediation is going offline for a while as I head down under

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so I'm going to be a bit quiet for the next few weeks.  the reason being that after an amazing ten years in London I'm heading due south for a few winters (summers), as I move to PHD Australia.  I'll be off the grid for a few weeks, during which I'll mainly be taking advantage of the early Australian summer, doing a fair bit of surfing and getting to know my new home.

in the meantime I available on email or via facebook.  catch ya – literally – on the flipside…