The Aussie Diaries

Here finally and in one place are the video diaries of my time in Australia. I’ll gradually get this updated so that they’re all in here. He said.


The City to Surf was tackled again in 2013 this time with a Lumix in hand and a Go Pro attached to the head to capture every step of the 14km from Hyde Park to Bondi. 72 mins and 37 secs of tough awesome running in the world’s biggest road race.

Soundtrack is the title track to the Pacific Rim soundtrack by Ramin Djawadi


This video isn’t Kangaroo Island (sorry VC its totes on the way I promise) it is the adventures from last week’s treasure hunt as organised by Stew for his birthday. a grand time was had by all … as we tracked clues around the beautifulness of Sydney. all ended (as far the video is concerned) at The Australian Hotel in the rocks, whereupon we all began celebrating our success.

Whilst team Alpha physically crossed the finish line at The Australian first, the winners prize (on points) went to Domanate who had eyes like hawks for the Neighbours’ pics – well done boys … and well done Stew, spectacularly well organised.

Music is the theme to the TV show Treasure Hunt and Flight 76 by Walter Murphy


The fourth Mardi Gras video (following from 2010’s Alice in Wonderland, 2011’s Craziness and 2012’s All That Glitters) is a snap-edit of non-stop jump around awesomeness. from a rainy (of course) Harbour Party through a raucous Mardi Gras Parade party at Pelican – taking in Midnight Shift the same night – to the Laneway … its a veritable feast of fun.

Particular highlights are that snog towards the end, the “people are pinching my bottom and I don’t know what to do” comment, Rob’s celebration of Connerty at Taylor Square, Gary’s Harbour antics and my and Dan’s (shhhh) Oporto visit. good times people, good times …

Music is Sunshine (Adagio in D Minor) from the Sunshine Music Soundtrack and Calvin Harris’ Feel So Good (radio edit)


So one very long journey (Sydney to County Durham via Tokyo), one very big surprise and one awesome Christmas in the one and only South Shields.

Look out for Dad stuffing the turkey (“sausage in the top, taties up it’s … butter up the top”), the traditional gifting of the Markies black sweater, the ultimate Chrimbo lunch, the awesomness of Bamburgh Castle, Auntie Lou’s hat, and the annual Boxing Dip into South Shields harbour.

… and perhaps best of all Auntie’s Lou’s unique rendition of I’m So Sexy

Soundtrack is ‘Once There Was A Hushpuppy’ from the Beasts of the Southern Wild soundtrack


Another year another trip north to the Hunter for the annual Jazzy Vines pilgrimage. it was an emotional year … I suppose in no small part to the abundance of herbal highs (!) doing the rounds … plenty of parasol waving, Ronnie’s ballet dancing, suntan lotion-licking, napping, formation dancing, and snogging was abound … and props to Jez for not just carrying but dancing with Fingers on his shoulders.

Soundtrack is Mumford and Son’s Roll Away Your Stone


A very pared-back  video diary from 2012 … my first City to Surf, with just me, a Lumix and a Kylie soundtrack for the 14km stretch between the city and the surf.


This is the second video of the Connerty Birthday two-parter (see below for the first McLaren Vale episode) in which we travel to none other than Kangaroo Island for a few days of adventures with seals, sandboards and swell (which would have been a good title in retrospect).

Highlights are me calling Drapes Jack (sorry again Drapes), a sunset beach walk with Nic and VT , VT taking out the camera, VT screaming (I know right?!) down a sand dune, tea and biscuits in a lighthouse, Connerty’s surprise arrival … but perhaps most of all, that sea crossing from Kanagroo to Adelaide: VC’s comments that “I have emptied the remains of 39 years into a bin-liner … [it was] a bit like being in The Exorcist” pretty much sums it up.

Happy birthday baby.

Soundtrack is the acoustic version of Sinking Sun by Mt Warning


The first of a two-parter as, in honour of Connerty’s birthday, we jump around Adelaide and its surounds. this first part sees us exploring the delights of the McLaren Vale one winery at a time … including discovery of the awesome Iron Heart, Ronnie’s (Superman-soundtracked) opening of the Moscato and the most glorious sunset on Danshi Rise.

Full props to star of the show Connerty, who’s efforts from “you’re all dead to me, and you’re all fired” to blow-drying red wine to warm it up, are even more entertaining than usual. Kangaroo Island is on the way … promise!

Soundtrack is The Sound of Sunshine by Michael Franti & Spearhead, and The Planet Krypton from John William’s superman score


The episode on Fraser Island, or as it came to be known … the epic episode.

A few of us set of for a few awesome quiet days on Fraser Island, which for the most part we got till – in a sliding doors moment – we forgot to check which ferry we were leaving from (there are two). this simple oversight spiraled into bombing across the island’s sandy roads, losing some luggage as the back door flew open, to some hurried calls from the (wrong) ferry terminal, to dumping the four wheel drive and getting on a ferry anyway.

… this domino-rallied into a four hour rental car ride (with two speeding fines on the way) to Jez’s relatives’ place in Brisbane before getting up whilst it was still dark to make an international connection back to Sydney which was cancelled just before the announcement that complimentary meal vouchers would be served.

Before that slide though we four wheeled some awesome sand tracks, basked in champagne pools, camped under the stars, ate cucumber wraps, explored shipwrecks and even found time to chill with a native gay we discovered swimming happily upstream in one of the island’s rivers. Epic.


One of my all time favourite diaries captures what happened when me, Ryan, Carl, Ronnie and Jen (“I don’t know whether I’m gay or straight”) dress is finest Blitz gear and heading to the former barracks at the north head to get Lost in the Blitz. check out 4’05” when you see the reaction of the Ronnie Smith as the Ryan Kwanten passes by …  an amazing day with amazing people

Soundtrack is We Are Your Friends – Justice Vs Simian remix


The first of the Jazzy Vines episodes (the other is episode #59 above) saw one of the biggest crews assembled head to the Hunter Valley for the annual Jazz in the Vines Festival (it will always be Jazzy Vines to us) … some spectacular dancing, and very questionable witch’s hat, numerous mentions that it’s my birthday, and that rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody later left nothing but memories and Nicola’s wish for two more days.

Soundtrack is the amazing Dog Days Are Over by Florence and the Machine, with a little bit of The Forest Battle from John Williams’ Star Wars (Episode III) soundtrack


The run up to my very first Christmas in Sydney was spent in the very pleasant company of a whole bunch of people at Pelican’s Christmas BBQ, Christmas Tranny Bingo and Holly and Georgie – with whom I missed Carols at Bondi because we’d been drinking wine … so we sang carols for ourselves (also because we’d been drinking wine).

This is also the video diary that features a very rare performance from Patti Mincer – like I say, if you liked it then you should have put a ring on it (for those of you were are wondering).

Music is, of course, All I Want For Christmas by Mariah Carey


The very first video. made and uploaded in November 2009, I give the basic tour, explore the Blue Mountains, catch a little drag and see Sydney in style on Paul’s birthday boat trip. it seems like a very long time ago … perhaps because it was.

Music is Have a Look by Vanessa Amorosi

NB there’s obvs a lot more episodes still to get uploaded. bear with me.

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