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Good and aren’t good enough any more


I like this ad.  I like the line and the insight behind it – namely that in a time-poor, work-dominated busy London life it’s no longer enough to expect love to find you; you have to find it for yourself.  Make it happen.  With a little help from of course.

It’s also a good looking ad – it’s bright and stands out on a drab underground platform. But I hope that the campaign hasn’t stopped with this one good rectangular underground ad… Good ads are all well and good.  But good ads simply aren’t good enough any more.

Its an insight (and indeed a brand promise) that deserves to be taken further – in short it’s a comms insight and there’s the potential for media channels to be much more than just the medium for the conveying of the make love happen message. Rather, there is the opportunity for the role of media to be a facilitator of making love happen, or the educator to help the increasing numbers of single people to make it happen.

A few starters for ten:

  • Awards for venues that are proven to offer the best chances of meeting a Match
  • Commission a survey to identify the best places to meet people
  • Inserts in magazines featuring entertaining advice on finding a Match
  • Free cinema screenings with drinks afterwards when you register – use the common ground offered by movies, maximise this with in-cinema media
  • Online in-ad questionnaire – an application that determines (based on where you go out / what you like / do) your best strategy for getting a Match

None of these of course could and should better the product (ie the site), but they do offer the opportunity for media to be a true taster for what’s on offer; and – crucially – to make the brand evident through behaviour, not just through messaging.  I hope that are doing it …their insight deserves it.


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