Strong brand. Stretched. Better for it.

so you’re Harvey Nichols and you want to communicate your food hall credentials.  tough one; you’re known for fashionable garms, so just putting the HN badge on some nice food may just look bland – or worse, a flagrant imitation of the M&S food campaign.  what to do?

remember who you are is what!

apply the Harvey Nichols brand engram to food…  fabulous, fashionable, glamourous, elaborate, indulgent, self-aware…  and get a solution thats obvious once you’ve seen the punchline but surely required the neatest of thinking to get there as part of the planning process.

a nod too to the production values.  this is a concept that could have failed in execution.  it doesn’t.  it’s a knowing, elegant, high-value piece (implicitly – of course – affirming the existing HN brand engram).  this ad is everything good brand communications should be.  lovely.

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