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Williams on Mead: Taking Control of the Underground

Williamsso I saw the above LEP this morning at Leicester Square…

to CBS its vandalism
to some punters its a laugh
to others its just irrelevant
to a strategist its remix
and to the advertiser its an urgent re-post please

but what is it to the person who did it?

an opportunity to make a statement and express their bewilderment and frustration with corporate entertainment that lazily rechurns old ideas because people have stopped expecting to be surprised with new ones?

or a bit of a laugh.  a chance to raise a smile on the faces of the passers-by who get Williams instead of Mead.  to surprise and amuse a tired and commuting-weary audience?

whichever it is, its I suppose about control.  a conventional advertiser losing it and a renegade gaining it.  this of course is nothing new – Innocent launched a decade ago with underground LAP stickering (and it didn’t do them any harm!)…

debate aside.  it made me laugh.


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