X Factor Tipping: results after week three

right so there is SO a pattern emerging…  I needed a good week and didn't get one.  I'd nominated Daniel and Rachel (who as it turns out was amazing on Saturday) to go.  got one right.  again.  and the one I nominated didn't go so only 15 points.  gutted.  but to that pattern; my nominations to go so far have been:

week one : Girlband and Ruth …no, Ruth was safe
week two : Girlband and Scott …no, my week one nomination (Ruth) was in bottom two
week three: Daniel and Rachel …no, my week two nomination (Scott) was in bottom two

so I'm predicting correctly, but I'm a week ahead of the game; which means the clear nominations for my bottom two in week four should be Daniel and Rachel.  we'll see.  but in the meantime to the results: every single competitor predicted that either Daniel or Scott would be going except Dale…

but the antipodean one's error was spectacularly outdone by Paul and last week's
leader Davey who both picked Scott to stay.  not in a million years was Scott safe against the girls – we're looking at an all-Cheryl final let alone an all-female one…  that said, Scott so should have stayed, not because he's good (he's not) but because he's a darn sight better than Daniel who should have gone.  we all know what bought him one more week.  next week – for sure.

scores as they stand after week three:

1. Jason K 60
1. Nicole 60
1. Philip 60
1. Simon 60
5. Carole 55
5. Davey 55
5. Nuala 55
8. Mediation 50
8. David D 50
8. Emma 50
8. Richard 50 
8. Stu 50
13. Bree 45
13. Dale 45
13. Jason W 45
13. Lizzy 45
13. Maria 45
13. Paul 45
19. Nick 30
20. Tom 25

one last word to Louis' break-down at voting.  bless.


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