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The ten tonne zeotrope: how Sony continue to master the art of advertising the advertising

so what do you do when you've done balls, paint, plasticine (and Daniel Craig) in your ads?  you build the world's biggest zeotrope of course.  Sony's next effort was filmed in Italy earlier this month and is set to hit screens in the spring.

but the true success of the Bravia efforts is less the ads, and more the advertising of the ads.  the original balls ad was spontaneously snapped when it was shot on the streets of San Francisco.  since then the back story has been rigorously planned.  for paint – as Faris highlighted in his IPA Excellence Diploma thesis:

"the film was first released online and then screened on television, consciously catering to the differing needs of youth and the Massive Passives. Online, the assets of the film were made available for remixing. The campaign was transmedia, recombinant and collective."

for the zeotrope effort, the above video was shot by Shortlist, loaded by then up on YouTube and written up in editorial on their website and in this morning's edition.  Fallon et al are really starting to master the art of advertising buzz…  now using smart media partnerships to amplify the story.  neat, smart, and of course never forgetting the golden rule – have an engaging enough idea and content to build the model around.  looking forward to the ad already.


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