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“Like a tiny cat piping hot farts through a pot-pourri pouch”: Charlie Brooker’s war on Walkers’ crisp experiments

the always delightful Charlie Brooker today added his voice to the chatter surrounding Walkers' 'do us a flavour' campaign.  is his G2 column he observes that "the cheap end of the crisp market has to pull stunts to distract you from the crushing social disgrace involved in actually purchasing a bag"; he has subsequently taste tested the Walkers potential flavours on behalf of Guardian readers.

Crispy Duck and Hoisin – like chicken "killed with a hammer made of compacted sugar"; Cajun Squirrel – "like a tiny cat piping hot farts through a pot-pourri pouch into your mouth; Chilli and Chocolate – "they should have called it "Dirty Protest" instead"…

all feedback that I'm sure Walkers are more than happy to receive.  the point of the campaign is to be noticed and give people reasons to talk about crisps.  if advertising is – amongst other things – fundamentally about creating Word of Mouth then Brooker's war on the great crisp experiment is a complement indeed.


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