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Doing digital on TV: How lastminute plan to get us all channel-hopping on Saturday night

thanks Emily for the heads up on this brilliant bit of thinking from who – fresh to to TV advertising for the first time in four years – are playing for a media first on Saturday night.  an emailer to their database explains:

"On Saturday 28 February at 9.50pm, watch us on telly and win a big bundle of
good stuff.

We're creating a television first – and we want you to be
part of it. Tune into ITV on Saturday 28 February at 9.50pm. Three 60 second
adverts will be aired, straight after each other, starting on ITV, moving to
Channel 4 and then ending on Channel 5.

It's going to be the world's
first Mexican wave of thumbs up… spanning the channels and spreading the good
stuff, right around the UK. Watch the three adverts and guess the number of
thumbs you see.
Come back here and tell us
how many thumbs you think you saw.

could win a great big bundle of good stuff"

everything is in place here; (1) an dCRM and PR strategy to get this onto people's radars, (2) an innovative bit of media thinking that is consistent with and relevant to the campaign aims and (3) incentive to get involved, in the form of prizes to be won after the event.

but what's most smart is the line of thinking that got them to this idea in the first place.  Simon Thompson, chief marketing officer at lastminute explained in a Guardian article that "because is a digital-based brand we have to go on to telly with a digital mentality … To follow this ad consumers need to participate".  a brilliantly simple bit of logic that has gotten them to a very smart place indeed.

so it's all good – unless you're the OMD TV buyer, in which case 9.49pm on Saturday night may be a very nervous moment indeed ;o)


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