Aggregating the aggregators: how the Addictomatic helps you ‘inhale the web’

the best ideas are the ones you see, and think – 'that must have already existed', 'why hasn't anyone done that before?'  that's what I thought when Grainne (thanks) sent me the Addictomatic application.  developed by Dave Pell and Crowd Favourite, the site scans a range of sites across the web for information on any topic or subject of your choice.

it aggregates the aggregators.

you can personalize your results by moving around the resulting boxes, and then you can bookmark the page and keep coming back to your customised results for that search.  its this level of 'curated utility' that separates it (1) from efforts like Sprint's glorious Now Widget (which limited what you could aggregate) and (2) iGoogle (which relies to a large extent on you know where to aggregate stuff from).

its lovely stuff.  whack your clients into the the application, save them and keep an eye on what the web is saying about them.  or anything else for that matter.  the web is invigorating – go inhale…


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