IPA|ED:final - existing customers

I Believe Brands Should Only Invest in Marketing Communications Through Existing Users Of Their Brand

brands are wasting budgets on luring new customers.  that a far better tack is to get faithful brand stalwarts to spread the word is something that Mediation believes quite strongly in.

some other people agreed, and a piece I wrote for the IPA Excellence Diploma on the subject has been published in Campaign today.

but it's a starting point not an end point.  it raises more questions than it answers about what we do and how we do it; about how we value customers, plan communications, and measure success.

from Tuesday next week on this blog I'll be – over ten days – taking one section from my essay at a time and publishing it.  I hope that you'll enjoy the read, but more importantly I hope that you'll join in the debate; because I believe that most marketing in the early 21st century is excessively wasteful.  I want to believe that we'll look back at how we embraced change…  and I hope you'll come along for the ride…


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