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Spotify hits Mobiles: how ad funded music on demand will kill the MP3

right, Mediation has been away catching some rays but I'm back now and just been sent the above link by Vizeum's own Simon C.  it's a demo for a Spotify mobile phone application, showcase yesterday at a Google developer conference in San Fran.

its looks a joy, and another nail in the coffin for consumer paid-for music.  millions of tracks online available to listen to wherever you are whenever you want them.  and all courtesy – presumably – of the ad money that could (and should) be invested in the platfrom.

as a post on the site says: "this is just a demo and very much still a work
in progress. And to head off the inevitable questions, we don’t have
any more details on when it will be available, etc. Also, this isn’t
the only mobile app we’re working on, so stay tuned to this space…"

but the direction is clear: welcome to data being accessed from the cloud, welcome to the end of broadcast dominance, and welcome to the new contract between consumers, advertisers, and the stuff that brings them together…

its good to be back ;o)


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