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The ultimate video remix?: How Marco Brambilla is bringing civilisation to NYC’s Standard Hotel

a Relentless blog post pointed me in the direction of the above video installation by Marco Brambilla.  it's a video collage featuring 400 video sources molded together into one image which runs the length of the lift shaft of the Standard Hotel in New York.  1920 pixels across and 7500 pixels vertically track your ascent into heaven or descent into hell.  depending on your direction of travel.

it has to be a contender for the ultimate version of the remix.  William Gibson and Lawrence Lessig would be proud.  the efforts of four hundred who have gone before remoulded and melded together to form something new, elegant and utterly mesmerising.

this is the kind of thing that more comms briefs should be delivering; pieces of conceptual art produced for comms objectives that can then be explored online or amplified through broadcast.  starting, creatively, at the end point of the plan (ie the TV ad or the print execution) means you miss the opportunity to think about where those executions come from. rarely have I seen investment of time and effort in the creation of an original piece from which a variety of ad executions (in a variety of media) could then derive.  I hope and expect that to change.

in the meantime click HQ, full screen it, sit back and enjoy…


2 thoughts on “The ultimate video remix?: How Marco Brambilla is bringing civilisation to NYC’s Standard Hotel

  1. Very nice clip, I loved it. I was many times in New York hotels thorough ECT, but I didn’t get any association between the hotels to this clip. Anyway, it was just interesting to watch.

  2. utterly mesmerizing – u sure got that right 🙂 FANTASTIC video if you ask me- loved every moment of it- I only wonder how long it took to produce such a video and how many archive materials he had to use- incredible! Was it presented in a hotel in NY?

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