Whoops, they did it again: another great week for X, but a poor performance by Mediation on the Tipping-front

a poor performance by Mediation in the Tipping Competition this week.  no surprise to see Rachel in the bottom two and called that one no problem, and so nearly called Rikki too.  but nearly doesn't cut it…  my vote went to Miss Frank, a vote that cost me dearly – only 15 points and now in joint 21st place.  not good enough at all.

X_09_wk_2_Rikki_outbye Rikki, your eyebrow shall be missed (pic from ITV)

another awesome show though – highlights definitely being another comeback from another all-too wired pop icon, the birth of the Cheryl Cole Project / Army, another amazing performance from Joe, and then this…

X_09_wk2_show_john_and_edward Whoops, they did it again (pic from ITV)

what can you say other that genius, genius, genius.  we all recall the all-too uncomfortable Same Difference performances…  you remember – "I know they're just sister and brother but…" kind of thing.  John and Edward have no such reserve – they not only don't avoid the "are they too close for brothers?" debate, but come smashing through the other side and do a full on love scene in the middle of the song.

they're brave, they're different, and above all they're entertaining and deserve to be there.  Mrs Cole is talking nonsense when she says she can't believe that J&E are there and Rikki's gone; J&E leave us wondering how the hell they did that and – crucially – what the hell they're going to do next time.  and that Cheryl, means votes.  here's to the brothers keeping us entertained for a good few weeks yet.

here's that leader board…

Gordon 45
Kevin 45
Mat 45
Nuala 45
Alex L 40
Alex V 40
April 40
Bree 40
Chris G 40
Dale 40
Dave 40
Helen 40
Jason K 40
Jason W 40
Lawrence 40
Nicole 40
Ruth 40
Simon M 40
Simon W 40
Stu 40
Chris S 35
Paul E 35
Tom 35
Ashley 35
Paul W 35
Lucy 30
Neil 30
Nick 30
Saskia 30
Camara 25
Bimla 20
Mauro 20
Carole 20
Alison 10
Keely 10


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