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Tactical Smactical: Smart Relevant Tactical Planning on Apple’s Big Day … Courtesy of Nokia

Nokia takeover on day of iPhone 4Sgetting tactical – Nokia’s takeovers which appeared across a range of titles today

thanks to Kate M who pointed me in the direction of the above earlier today; a great example of smart, relevant and appropriate tactical planning.  no futurology, no zappy whizz bang interaction or engagement strategies … just a simple straight-forward ad for the Nokia N9 in dominant spaces on the day of Apple’s big (?) announcement.

whether or not Nokia knew the iPhone 5 was going to be an iPhone 4S is irrelevant – even with a more talked about iPhone model the placement was a smart move.  the fact that Apple announced a 4S today makes the planning all the better…

the alignment of The Age’s ‘Spot the Difference’ item alongside the Nokia ad speaks for itself.  future-gazing and predicting and innovating and challenging are important, but I was happy for the reminder that there is – more than ever – a place in our world for smart planners who spot and create credible cut-thru tactical placements for brand communications.


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