PHDcast 19.07.13: The Rambling One, as we talk IAB Awards, Online Measurement, Spotify and Industry Collaboration

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lots of rambling this week, for no apparent reason other than it was rather later on a Friday afternoon than usual when we finally got ourselves into Parker to record the cast. Stew had to jump halfway through, which was fine as Peter jumped in not too long before he went. also on the PHDcast this week is Lauren talking IAB and online measurement and regular Nic.


this week we’re talking about GPY&R’s success at the IAB Awards with their mobile medic campaign, and discuss the relative success of media versus creative agencies in this and other awards.

we also cover Adnews’ story on Group M’s big boss Dominic Procter, who argued last week that online’s data trail isn’t good enough to beat broadcast yet. we discuss the relative merits of online versus / and broadcast and valuing things because they are measurable.

in the wake of Thom Yorke’s pulling off of the Spotify platform because of the relative low subscription fee’s that make their way back to emerging artists, we discuss the music platform’s obligations and opportunities from a media and marketing perspective.

I also pick up the theme of collaboration following the panel discussion at B&T’s Innovation Afternoon at the start of the week. ramble away people, ramble away …


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