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Predicting a 2.0 bubble: thru the medium of Socially Networked UGC

interesting and entertaining piece putting forward the argument that recent inflation in the value of sites – notably those of the social networking variety – have all the hallmarks of the 1999-2000 tech bubble before it burst.

notably, this comment against the current interest and investment in web 2.0-ness, is made thru the medium of user generated content uploaded to a file-sharing portal, which is being spread virally via social networks.  oh, and I’m blogging about it!  so there!

it’s worth pointing out that the value being generated and invested in, isn’t just due to the aggregation of younger audiences that 2.0 delivers (although the ability in a fragmenting world of social networking and 2.0 sites to do this is valuable indeed); rather what’s of massive value to advertisers is the online behavioural and transactional data that comes with these aggregated audiences!

thanks to the rarely-wrong J Smith for the point in the direction of this…


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