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There’s Radiohead’s version; and then there’s everyone else’s version

RadioheadRadiohead are giving anyone the chance to create their own version of the bands video for their latest release House of Cards.  the video was made using structured light to create three dimensional images.  but anyone can download the data  – courtesy of Google – from here, manipulate it, and share the results of their efforts on a YouTube group created for the project.

its essentially an open-source video – anyone can down load the data from which it was made and then make their own version.

James Frost, who directed the video, comments that “In a weird way [the
project] is a direct reflection of where we are in society. Everything
is [computer] data. Everything around us is data-driven in some shape
or form. We are so reliant on it that it seems like our lives are
digital”…as quoted in the Guardian

in a digital world everything and anything can be remade all the time.  nothing is set in stone.  nothing is ever fixed, or finished for that matter.  there is no definitive version of anything; only this version.  which becomes your definitive version is yours to decide.  its a fun world to be in.

here’s Radiohead’s version:


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