X Factor Tipping: live finals – week two

after a poor showing in week one, Mediation's looking to do better this week.  X Factor Tipping is simple – every week until we get to the final five Mediation has to pick two acts I think will
survive (yes’s) and
two acts that you think could
be sent home (no’s)…
  week two's tips are as follows:

first vote to stay remains with Alexandra.  amazing performance last week and she hasn't even hit the ballads yet.  in a class of her own.

staying with her once again I'm saying Laura.  high hopes last week were more than met with an awesome performance.  another safe bet I reckon.

my first tip to go is once again Girlband.  Britain is clearly not in the mood to crown a girl band this year and reckon it will be the sing off once again for the ladies.  to be fair they should have gone last week – this one is an inevitability methinks.

the toughest choice this week is who to tip to join Girlband in the bottom two.  ultimately it came down to Dan – who really, really cannot sing for toffee, or Scott.  and I've gone with the latter because Dan's back-story will keep him in for a few weeks yet and Scott must be cried out by now…  Xtra factor was more like a tourism ad for the US last week, with Scott doing an admirable if increasingly distracting impersonation of Niagara Falls.  enough.  Sayonara Scott.


One thought on “X Factor Tipping: live finals – week two

  1. I’m annoyed that, all bar one, they went ballad style (even with songs that are more upbeat!). I wanted proper MJ with ‘Bad’, ‘Thriller’, ‘P.Y.T’, ‘Off The Wall’ etc etc. Why the boring slow jams???
    Also, why did the MJ theme get ditched for the playoff?
    Good call on Girl Band, point in for Mediation!
    My tip for the winner…Diana, for what it’s worth.

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