Seeing the wood thru the trees: why a complicated world demands resolute focus on the basics

Ultimate_online_blueprint I love and hate this.  its a brilliant systematic of the various roles and capabilities of online / digital communications and how they can integrate.  found it on keatster55's Flickr page courtesy of here's the thing.

I love it because it rather elegantly captures – as keatster55 puts it – "how all on-line and off-line channels can be fully integrated and
connected to the Web site to ensure that highly targeted and relevant
user journeys can be achieved based on how much we know about the user
and the channel that has referred them to the Web site".  its all good thinking and its all very clearly put together and, well its all good.

but I get really nervous that it disguises what's really going on.  in the maelstrom of measurement and online consumer journey tracking and hourly advances in online media capabilities there's the danger that we forget what we're trying to do…  in short, engage people with brands, and more specifically (if you're lucky) with the ideas to which those brands pin their colours.

we need to make sure that our ideas don't get lost in the blueprints of our increasingly complex media infrastructures.  make sure that a response rate for a new online creative idea being lower than the previous executions doesn't (automatically) kill the idea.

there is – of course – a simple way thru; which is to keep resolutely focused on who we want to talk to, and what the idea is that we want to engage them with.  and indeed what we'd want them to say to each other and back to us having been presented with our ideas…  its the wood – and we need to be sure we can still see it through an increasingly complex set of trees.


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