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Planning for the Future, Today: Courtesy of Michell Zappa and his Technological Mapness


created by Michell Zappa, and sent to me by the awesome Mimi-ness of things, this speculative but intriguing visualisation of how technological developments could pan out presents an interesting question and exercise for brands and connections planning.  how would you connect to people, given technological developments over the next year?  what about in four years time?

perhaps a lot more social media, a bit less print?  perhaps you'll have more sophisticated CRM management and real-time insight capture via social networks.  so largely the same, but different.

the future may be more different than you currently imagine.  Zappa's map suggests that within the next four years the following will be mainstream.  not industry buzzed, geek adopted, first mover technologies.  mainstream…

Social Graph, Tabs & Pads, and Multitouch.  so far so Zuckerberg and Jobs.  but what if you go a little further..?  3D printing, Linked data, Gesture and Speech Recognition, and Electronic Paper.  within four years.  this kind of technology – if adopted by the mainstream – would transform the retail environment.  it would radically alter the opportunities we have to engage and interact with the conversations brands offer us.

it suggests a useful exercise.  create a brand platform (I originally typed 'plan a brand campaign' but let's not go there right now) in 2015.  imagine these technologies being on every high-street and in every home.  how would it change what you create?  what would be possible?  what would you imagine for a world that could 3D print your product in their home?  or interact with your communications by talking or gesturing to them?

then translate your ideas to right now…  what could – at a stretch – be done in the next three months?  what you do next is easy.  you go do it.


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