manifesto writing

Your debate starts here: Which topics should we debate at Mumbrella360’s Media Manifesto

so next week will see a session at Mumbrella360 write – live and in realtime – a change manifesto for the media industry.  it’s an experiment, and I’m nervous excited, but looking forward to it and really grateful to all the people who are giving their time and energy to take part…

several workstreams in the session will debate a different topic of interest … what those topics of interest are, is up to you…  this is the shortlist:

  • People – attracting, nurturing and retaining media talent
  • Remuneration – from transparency to media commissions, getting paid what we’re worth
  • Tech, systems and data – making the most of automation, trading desks and information, as well as debating who owns the data
  • Agency and Media Owner relationships – is it time for a new contract? Expectations, behaviours and access in the 21st Century
  • Agency and Client relationships – education, expectations and getting paid for pitches
  • Planning in a post-broadcast world – moving the planning paradigm on for an on-demand world
  • Procurement, pitch consultants and auditors – necessary evil or welcome umpires?
  • Content creation – specialist silo or everyone\’s remit?
  • Who owns the big idea? – who is best placed to generate, lead and deliver the big ideas for brands?
  • Accountability – at what point are we drowning in data to prove results at every step of the process?
  • Creative Agency relationships – as the turfs merge together again, who should be doing what and how do we get the most out of each other?
  • Social media? – the new gold rush or 21st Century Snake Oil, the future or a temporary distraction? And who should even plan it?

please take five mins to jump to the Mumbrella website to vote for which five you would most like to see discussed and debated next Tuesday; the debate … your debate, starts here.


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