Its a small world and we are all connected: why exposing ideas is exposing, and why its important

Inspirationthe welcome note at The Church in Crows Nest, which rather sets you into the right frame of mind

I had the pleasure of spending today with some clients coming up with ideas.  just that.  have some great game-changing ideas.

I was struck by the above message on the way in…  that connectedness = meaningful change beyond our immediate sphere of influence.

we don't often enough ponder the significance of our connectedness.  we get that we're connected – we're reminded daily of that.  but rather that our connectedness is the engine that permits and enables the spread, growth and development of ideas.

ideas get exposed, but that also means that they are exposed … to other people.

I had a hard lesson in that these last few days.  that our ideas don't live in echo chambers.  if we want to see change, if we want to make things happen, then we have to expose how we want to create that change to people whose opinion and action we seek to influence…  but that means engaging, with people and their opinions…

it's a small world and we are all connected.  the opportunity and responsibility to create meaningful change is ours for the taking…  and we shouldn't shy from the debate and opinion that comes our way when we put ourselves out there…  this doesn't diminish us, this makes our ideas – and therefore us – better…


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