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Nearly there: The workstreams for our Manifesto, and a reminder – courtesy of Creative Sydney – of just why they’re so important

nearly there.  the above little effort begins to explore some of the topics that we'll be debating next week when we collaborate to write a manifesto for the media industry.  an manifesto that at the very least aligns us on what we believe, but which hopefully we set a direction for change…  change which I have never felt is more necessary…

listening to some of the talks at Vivid's Creative Sydney festival reminded me just how mainstream an evolved position of marketing has come.  observations like 'you can't equate marketing success to sales', or 'people don't want to watch advertising', or 'the power of community can do more for a brand than any billion dollar campaign' were made not by niche, off-the-wall marketers – but rather by people building brands like etsy, Intel and future shorts…

these brands and marketers are the new mainstream – the danger is that far from being ahead of the curve our industry's collective point of view gets left behind it.  on Tuesday we get a chance to debate and discuss that – across seven topics:

  • people – attracting, nurturing and retaining talent
  • remuneration – from transparency to media commissions, getting paid what we're worth
  • tech, systems and data – making the most of automation and trading desks, as well as asking 'who owns the data?'
  • agency and media owner relations – time for a new contract? expectations, behaviours and access
  • agency and client relations – education, expectations and getting paid for pitches
  • planning in a post-broadcast world – moving on the planning paradigm for an on-demand world
  • social media – the new gold rush or 21st Century snake oil?  the future or a temporary distraction?  and who should even plan it?

if you're at Mumbrella360 on Tuesday it would be great to see you and hear your voice added to those who will be seeing if we can start a journey towards genuine change.  whether we do or not is up to us, but perhaps being there and talking together, for now, will be enough.  and as the above video hopefully indicates, it should be fun too!  see you next Tuesday.


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