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Red Cups have arrived: how Starbucks attach themselves to winter festivities

'White is out for the season' according to Starbucks who today roll-out their red cups across the land.  in store promotions as well as press campaign have been reminding us all that Gingerbread lattes et al will once again be available from today and for the duration of the season.

I don't want to like this, but you really can't help but admire the simple communication which not only taps into the very physical markers of darker nights and colder mornings, but also the emotional anticipation of the festive season to come.

as far as Chrimbo commerciality goes its right up there with Coca-Cola's trucks and the now (very quickly established) M&S effort.  and quite right too…  brands – whether you like it or not – are part of the Chrimbo spirit.  some brands are as emotionally connected to Christmas celebrations as the products they sell are to the physicality of it all.

it may just be a red cup, but the emotive place it comes from means much more.  it's a signal, a kick start, an announcement that holidays truly are coming…


One thought on “Red Cups have arrived: how Starbucks attach themselves to winter festivities

  1. Dan Plant says:

    I wholeheartedly agree. And I feel that the red cup goes beyond just a commercial connection with Christmas – They are an antidote to the depressing cold dark weather, a reason in themselves to look forward to a british winter (which has no other reason now that global warming has done away with snow). It has such a powerful emotional connection for me that I only drink Starbucks in the winter where at other times of year I’ll happily flirt with the likes of Costa and Republic.

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