X Factor Tipping: results after weeks four and five

two weeks to update and what a couple of shockers they've been.  the week before last saw Austin go out after Daniel wasn't in the bottom two despite has murdering of Don't Leave Me This Way.  wrong, wrong wrong.  still, after week four Mediation was up 10 points to 60.

then this weekend saw the unbelievable as Laura went out when she was up against Ruth.  now there's no way should she have been in the bottom two, but the reality is that being behind that piano seemingly cost her…  the singing wasn't up to her usual standard and you're only as good as you last performance.  unless of course you're Daniel in which case you can put in a performance that wouldn't get you very much on SingStar and still apparently survive.

regular readers of X-Factor Tipping will recall that if one of the acts you nominate to stay is in the bottom two, 5 points are lost.  if
one of your nominated 'stay' acts is sent home 10 points walk out the door.  Mediation had (of course) Laura as one of it's acts to stay and so
lost 5 points and is now down to 55, with the results standing as follows:

1. Emma 80
2. Maria
2. Richard
4. Davey
4. Lizzy
4. Nicole
7. Nuala
7. Paul
7. Philip
7. Simon
11. Carole
11. David D
13. Mediation

13. Jason K
13. Jason W
13. Stu
17. Bree
17. Dale
19. Nick
20. Laura
20. Tom 35

it's not looking good people.  cheer however has been brought about by the storm of protest that has followed Laura's exit, and specifically the nature of said exit.  I don't think that there can be any doubt whatsoever that Louis' vote was tactical – he wanted one of the biggest threats to his one remaining act gone, so voted Laura off.  where, oh where is the justice?

it's especially pleasing to see our Culture Secretary Andy Burnham leading the charge.  in Parliament today he commented that whilst MPs "should resist that temptation to comment on editorial matters", (I'll remind him of that one day) he added that "the temptation is great in my case, having seen the wonderful
and talented Laura White very harshly voted off X Factor on Saturday"  …interesting times people, interesting times.

you can view the clip of Burnham's comments by clicking below…  enjoy.



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